Healthy Sitting

Healthy Sitting


It is simple for anyone to achieve a healthy sitting posture with a well-designed and correctly adjusted operator or task chair.

Ideally the chair size should be chosen to suit the user; which is one of the reasons why we sell so many different ranges. On our chairs all the controls are easy to reach, but it is just as important that the other elements of a workstation are suitable and correctly positioned for the task that is to be undertaken.

The chair must be close to the desk to avoid the need for the operator to lean forward for long periods of time and the desk height must be level with their elbows. The seat height must be set so that the operators hips are slightly higher than the knees, whilst their feet are flat on the floor.

If this cannot be achieved, because the desk is too high, then a footrest should be used. The top of the computer screen should be positioned at eye level.

The key to healthy sitting is to maintain a natural, “S” shaped spinal curve. This will minimise uneven compression of the spinal discs and muscular strain, whilst improving respiration and circulation. The operator should sit back into the chair thereby maintaining contact with the orthopaedically contoured backrest. The height of the backrest should be adjusted so that the lumbar support is positioned adjacent to the inward curve of the lower back.

The provision of a forward tilting seat can also be helpful as it rotates the pelvis forward thereby naturally encouraging the healthy “S” shape curve.

All operator and task chairs have the facility to recline the backrest. This adjustment should be used sparingly as it changes the angle between the seat and back and could result in the pelvis rotating backwards and loss of the “S” shaped spinal curve position. The choice of a synchro mechanism will minimise this effect since the seat moves along with the back to maintain good posture.

Guide to Chair Mechanisms


The chairs we supply are fitted with one of the following heavy duty, precision engineered mechanisms. Where indicated they also have a seat slider fitted as standard or available as an option.


This mechanism has lever operated back angle adjustment that can be locked in any position or left to follow the user’s movements in dynamic free float mode.


Operator Plus

Similar to the Operator mechanism but with additional, lever activated, seat tilt adjustment. Where indicated, most include tension control to adjust for different user weights.


Operator Synchro

With this mechanism the back and seat recline together in a fixed 2:1 ratio. They can be locked in position or left to follow the user’s movements in dynamic, free float mode. They have adjustable tension control.


Knee Tilt

The lever operated Knee Tilt mechanism has a forward pivot point for reduced knee lift and a superior ride quality. It has a tension adjustable free float mode or it can be locked in any of 5 set positions.


Synchro Knee Tilt

This mechanism synchronises the back and seat in a 2:1 ratio with a forward pivot point. It has a tension adjustable free float mode or it can be locked in any of 5 set positions.


Synchro Plus

This mechanism combines the superior ride quality of a synchronised mechanism with the breadth of adjustability of an Operator Plus mechanism. The back angle can be set independently of the synchronised seat and back function.


Seat Slider

Where fitted, a seat slider facilitates horizontal seat adjustment. This is ideal for extra leg support or where a chair might have multiple users with different seat depth requirements.


Inflatable Lumbar Supports

Chairs fitted with an integrated, inflatable lumbar support and ratchet back height adjustment allows the user to precisely locate and adjust the degree of lumbar support as required. On some chairs the inflatable lumbar is standard and available as an option on the other ranges where indicated.


Gas Lifts

All of our swivel chairs are fitted with a gas lift for easy height adjustment. Most of our chairs are suitable for people up to 150kg in weight. 

We have more durable and robust gas lifts fitted to several of our chairs which are suitable for people up to 200kgs in weight.

Home Office Range Now Available Online

Home Office Range – R White Cabinets

Fully Assembled

The large majority of our furniture is delivered fully assembled. However a few of the units are too awkward to send in one piece so before dispatch they are assembled and then disassembled at the factory to ensure problem free reassembly on arrival. The main concern when ordering furniture is that it might turn up on your doorstep ‘flat pack’ with several unrecognisable pieces and that inevitable bag of loose fittings. We would like to assure you that due to the design of our furniture, panels simply lock together by tightening the built in fittings with a crosshead screwdriver. Added to this we enclose easy to read assembly instructions and there is always someone on the end of the phone willing to help. It is stated in the description on each individual unit page if assembly is required.


An order placed with us was normally delivered within 15 working days.  Unfortunately, given current circumstances, delivery times have lengthened due to supply and workforce delays. In spite of these we will endeavour to deliver as soon as possible.  We contact you to arrange a suitable delivery time a few days before. All deliveries are free within Dorset which we will bring to the doorstep ourselves. We can deliver to mainland UK which will be a kerbside delivery. Please be aware that this product is of superior quality and therefore may need assistance for room placement.

Customer Service

Our policy is to give our customers the standard of service we would wish for ourselves. Renowned for our flexibility and helpfulness, we pride ourselves on quality workmanship and high standards having received many letters and emails from delighted customers, see Reviews. We are always willing to discuss your requirements.

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Customer Reviews

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“First class service from Simon at DOF. He always found time to discuss the various unit options and also sent samples of the various wood finishes. A very pleasant transaction.

The R. White 6-drawer unit arrived in perfect condition and well within the allotted time frame. Thank you.”

Open For Business

We wanted to assure you that we’re continuing to trade in line with government guidance. We will endeavour to ensure your orders are fulfilled promptly.

Thank you for your continued support. For all enquiries, please email



Welcome to our website, we hope that you will find it user friendly and informative.


We now have a new range of motorised, height adjustable desks.

Height can be adjusted to suit sit or stand position allowing users to change position throughout the day.
Height range from 650-1250mm.












We also have some new modular booth and reception seating and a stylish new visitor chair range.

cropped_booth_377_275 Sum221_-_MMGROUP_377_283 T20_377_425

Give us a call to find out more about these new products.


How to buy & FAQ’s

How do we run our business?
It is our view that office furniture deserves proper attention to detail and a bit of good old fashioned customer service. We welcome your call or e-mail and will deal with your enquiry promptly and efficiently. This way we can give you all the advice and information you need to avoid mistakes or delays and ensure you have exactly what you need.

Do you sell on line?
Yes we do sell online but only a small selection of items which are delivered fully assembled in most cases.  Shop now.

How do I pay? 
We will take payment by cheque or cash on delivery, direct bank transfer or Paypal in advance, whichever suits you best.

How long will it take?
Ordinarily we will deliver in our area within 10 working days assuming your item is in stock. We will arrange a convenient time for your delivery and you can expect us to arrive promptly!

Do you charge for delivery?
Not in our usual operating area which covers all of Dorset including Blandford, Dorchester, Weymouth, Bridport, Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch, Verwood, Wimborne, Shaftesbury, Sherborne, Swanage, Wareham, Yeovil, Gillingham and some surrounding areas. If you are outside of this area we are happy to discuss delivery with you.

Will you assemble my items?
Of course we will, it would be rude not to! We don’t charge for this and will remove all packaging for recycling for all deliveries made by us. If you are outside our area then a carrier will deliver and this will be for self assembly. All items have instructions and are easily assembled, please ask us for details if you are concerned.

Nature Watch
(just for fun!)

As many of our regular customers know we are in a truly rural position. This leads many to ask about the wildlife we see. So by popular demand, and with absolutely nothing to do with office furniture, we will keep you updated.

Summer brings a different feel to our surroundings here. Recently the farmland around us has changed from arable to dairy so we now see cows everywhere from the dairy herd to calves there are hundreds of them enjoying the fresh air and lush grass.

We have heard our first cuckoo and the swifts and swallows are arriving, albeit later than usual.

Our resident red kites can be seen above, disputing territories with the buzzards and the ever present crows seem to spend all day arguing with both of them.


Environmental Statement

Environmental Policy

  • The vast majority of our products are British made with all of our desking and allied products manufactured in England or Wales.
  • Whilst imported products may occasionally provide a cheaper option we prefer wherever possible to buy British goods and reduce the environmental impact of air and road miles.
  • All of our desking products are manufactured from high quality board, and where possible recycled wood and wood from sustainable sources is used. Board used is from suppliers that conform to the Forestry Stewardship Council standards and are fully certified.
  • It is our policy to recycle all packaging and other materials through approved facilities. This includes cardboard, board, paper, polythene, polystyrene, plastics and metal.
  • We make every effort to minimise the number of vehicles delivering to us by maximising the efficiency of our ordering and delivery schedules whilst maintaining our very high service levels.